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Although the structure and program of the day will be determined by the attendees in the first half hour of the meeting, it is worth getting some discussions going now about what people might be interested in. Please list them here. This unconference has a social justice/alternative/radical theme, so please suggest topics within that umbrella, but feel free to brainstorm here in as messy a way as you'd like.

To make an unconference event like this work, we need a critical mass of attendees who are coming to participate. This does not mean people need to prepare slide presentations (you can if you want, though), but do consider contributing in one of these ways:

  • asking questions in discussion sessions
  • leading or facilitating a discussion session
  • talking about your experiences and insights
  • blogging the event (live or later on)
  • contributing to the wiki

Wondering what the event will be like and what to bring? Then check out the what to expect page.

I'd Like to Hear Discussions About...

  • getting materials from small, independent, and radical presses into libraries (Jenna)
  • being "out" as a radical on campus, participating in student protests (Jenna)
  • how to manage/supervise without becoming the man, and management issues--perhaps even disgruntled-ment. (Alycia)

I Could Lead or Facilitate Discussions About...

  • starting a zine collection (Jenna)
  • Radical Reference as a model for other service projects (Jenna) (Lia)
  • Women's/feminist issues in librarianship Jenna