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FNB Archives - August 2008

Upcoming Events

Mahadev Desai's son speaking in New Haven conneticut

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FNB Global Day Of Action - October 26

This Month's Questions

  1. What Is Food Not Bombs like in the Phillipines?
  2. What is the "Straw Man" fallacy?
  3. Who was Mahadev Desai?
  4. Where can I find information about Gandhi's relationship with his wife?
  5. What was Operation Condor?
  6. What is the Stockholm Syndrome?
  7. What was the U.S. Military's Phoenix Program?
  8. What was the Warsaw Ghetto?

Who was Mahadev Desai?

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  1. Mahadev Desai - Wikipedia entry
  2. Author:Mahadev Desai from WikiSource.org
  3. Associates of Gandhi - Mahadev Desai
  4. Mahadev Desai - A greatness of his own

Food Not Bombs in the Philippines

  1. Kinaiyahan Unahon Collective Call-out for help/funds from an infoshop in the Philippines
  2. Kinaiyahan Yahan's Website

Food Not Bombs and the F.B.I.

  1. Global Day of action to stop the repression of Food Not Bombs in the U.S. Press Release from Keith McHenry
  2. Food Not Bombs Surveillance and Disruption from www.foodnotbombs.net