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==Resources== ==Resources==
 +*[ Earth 911] - use their database to locate a reuse/recycling center by material or by zip code.
==Contributors== ==Contributors==

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This wiki is meant to provide a collaborative environment to develop a guide to resources and best practices to facilitate eco-friendly libraries and librarianship. It was created at the behest of the Green Librarianship discussion at Library Camp NYC 2007. The session was conceived and moderated by Brita Servaes.

By the way here are some tips for new wiki users.


Best Practices


Library Discards & Gift Books - some possibilities:

  • Better World Books
  • Strand Book Store- The Strand will also pay for salable gift books.
  • Bookmooch- I was wondering if anyone has tried this book-trading forum for library discards/duplicates. Taking a look at it, it reminded me of serials back issue and book exchange lists like BackMed and the Duplicates Exchange Union. This new format seems to modernize the trading process for people's individual collections. --Annm 11:33, 18 August 2007 (EDT)

Circulation Desk

  • Have a bag of bags for patrons to use. Staff and patrons can contribute their grocery bags from home.

Computer and Media Equipment



  • Put one side used paper in public and staff printers.(Note that some printers will not tolerate this practice.)
  • Use duplex printing, assign it as the default on public and staff printers.
  • GreenLine Paper Company - Sells only recycled and tree-free paper products.
  • Make a "scrap paper" box really prominent in study areas, so people can give and take as they like.

Staff Room





will be held at the Arlington Public Library Earth Day April 22, 2008


  • Earth 911 - use their database to locate a reuse/recycling center by material or by zip code.