Home remedies to control squirrels?

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Home remedies to control squirrels? Squirrels are very cute small animals causing huge disturbance for the people in their day to day activities especially for their vegetations. It is due to the fact that they love to spend a lot of time in your garden performing their activities of digging and eating your fruits and other vegetations. A person can manage the squirrel pest control by taking some careful steps. Setting out poison for their pest control can be a way but it is very inhumane to do so. Secondly, if you have children around then it would be dangerous for them as well. One can try to trap them by using tarps for their capture. One of the effective ways is to use the repellent made from the smell of their predators. One of such examples is the repellent made from foxes. When they smell their predator, they tend to run away from that place. People have tried almost each and every thing but as far as results are concerned, some of them have been effective while the others were not that much effective. For example, if we take example of moth balls, these were used by the peopling ancient times to make these squirrels run away. Some people are still getting positive results of these measures but at the same time many people say that these moth balls are useless. So the question arises here is that what is the authentic way for the pest control of squirrels? Its answer is that there is nothing that much authentic and reliable available and one will have to adopt the entire method step by step and must check which one is useful and which one is not. Let us discuss some of the home remedies which can be used to get rid of these squirrels in a humane way. Underlined is a list of things which can be used as a repellent for these squirrels: • Peppermint oil • Chili powder • Capacin • Cayene pepper • Hair clippings • Tabasco sauce • Serrano peppers which should be mashed in blender • Jalapeno peppers which should be mashed in blender • Cinnamon These things should be placed around the plants and then see the results yourself.