Labortech '08 panel

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LaborTech '08 conference

Working title: Information tools for the labor movement: libraries, privacy, & free resources

  • libraries and privacy ( Eli 20min)
    • Libraries, Social Networking and Privacy
      • What is Privacy? “THE RIGHT TO BE LEFT ALONE” - Louis Brandeis
    • From the Outside in: Who Can Gain Access to Your Records
    • From the Inside Out: Who Can See What You Post Online
    • Threshold Issues:
    • What You Can Do
      • Keep in Mind How Sticky and Easy to Find Your Info May Be
      • Use Privacy Controls When Practical
        • Always Easier to Make Private Info Public than to Make Public Info Private
      • When Possible, Pick Social Networking Apps That Support Your Privacy
      • Ask For More/Better Privacy Filters and Features on the Platforms You Do Use

  • Ideas to explore:
    • These are common memes that librarians deal with and we'd be happy to discuss if people are interested. We will not necessarily hit on every issue listed here.