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Librarians' Travel Guide to Philadelphia

General sites, Maps, Public Transportation

Getting Around Conference Sites

Public transportation to/from the airport

Septa - Airport line

$6 each way. The train stops directly at the airport. Use the machine to buy your ticket before you board!! There's a surcharge if you pay on the train.

Local Media

Wireless access

Restaurants and other food options

Gianna's Grille

Gianna's will excite the vegetarian, vegan, and carnivore alike. Famous for their Philly cheesesteaks. Also excellent sides and desserts. Not to be missed.

International Foods

This little grocery store has excellent samosas. A worthwhile trip to University City.

Kingdom of Vegetarians

This is a totally vegan restaurant and satisfies all your cravings for food you probably never thought you could again. From Shark Fin Soup to Won Ton to Sweet and Sour Chicken, KOV is phenomenal. I highly recommend the dim sum.

Reading Terminal Market

An excellent place just across the street from the conference center. You can buy groceries or a meal. It has Amish foods and various other kinds of food. Some of my favorite vendors are: Famous 4th Street Cookie Company, Nanee's Kitchen (Indian), Iovine's produce.

It has free wireless, but it is ALWAYS crowded!

Saad's Halal Place

Middle Eastern and American food (meaning, you can get both falafel and fries). Seriously the best falafel and baba ganoush this user has ever experienced.

Vietnam Restaurant 221 N. 11th St (near the convention center)

Kinda fancy, but not too expensive. Has several tofu options.

Sabrina's Cafe

910 Christian Street (9th and Christian) Sabrina's is really crowded if you go for brunch, but not so bad for dinner. It's near the Italian Market, which is also worth checking out. For vegetarians, who might otherwise miss out on Philly cheesesteaks, Sabrina's has a great seitan version! The menu is kind of like classic American food with a twist. BYOB

Farmacia 15 S. 3rd St (3rd and Market) - about 7 blocks from the Convention Center

A little expensive, entrees cost $13-25. Several vegetarian options. It's the kind of place where even if you order something ordinary, the food is extra good.

White Dog Cafe

3420 Sansom Street (34th and Sansom, near UPenn)

A little expensive, $16-25 entrees. There are usually only a few vegetarian options. Ingredients are mostly local, organic and seasonal. The owner is committed to social justice, and they host many community events. Very good!


Old City Coffee

221 Church Street (2nd and Church, a small street just north of Market)



In addition to being a terrific Ethiopian restaurant, Dahlak is a great bar. When I lived in Philly (2001), they also had a dynamite jukebox. In west Philly.

Libraries and Local bookstores

Giovanni's Room (GLBT)

345 South 12th Street (12th and Pine)

Robin's Bookstore

108 S. 13th Street (13th and Sansom)

Wooden Shoe

508 South 5th Street

Record Stores

Vintage Shopping

Tourist attractions

Liberty Bell (map)

National Constitution Center

Independence Hall

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