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This is where we'll collate all the ideas for redesigning the Radical Reference site

There will be a meeting in NYC on Saturday, December 12 (time TBD), 2009, about upgrading and updating the site. There will be an opportunity for off-site folks to contribute to the discussion via SILC. Email nyc at radical reference dot info if you'd like to be involved, or simply post your thoughts in this space below.

Maybe the navigation menu for non-logged-in users could be:

  • Create content

- Question

  • Local Collectives

- [the collectives]

  • Recent posts
  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Volunteer

- Volunteer guide (MRM, 11/3/09)

(2/9/06) After several responses on the list in favor of the multi-colored tabs, I left them the way they are. JRJ