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This is where we'll collate all the ideas for redesigning the Radical Reference site

The next work session for the site redesign/refactoring will be on Tuesday 1/5/10, 2-6pm. Contact nyc (at) radicalreference (dot) info if you want to be involved.

Notes from the 12/19/09 brainstorming/refactoring session.

There is also an online survey -- please fill it out so we can get everyone's thoughts and ideas!

Maybe the navigation menu for non-logged-in users could be:

  • Create content

- Question

  • Local Collectives

- [the collectives]

  • Recent posts
  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Volunteer

- Volunteer guide (MRM, 11/3/09)

(2/9/06) After several responses on the list in favor of the multi-colored tabs, I left them the way they are. JRJ