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This is where we'll collate all the ideas for redesigning the Radical Reference site


Possible Themes

Eric suggested we identify other possible themes for the newly refactored site. One way to do that is to go here and keep hitting random. There's also a giant list on the Drupal site. Click filter by 6.x to look only at themes that are supported on our installation. Jenna 12:19, 31 January 2010 (EST)

Upgrade Notes

  • 1/24/10: Easy to do once the php is upgraded to 6, add link to Twitter. Also Facebook? Flickr pool? What else?

Update: On 1/18/10, the site was updated to Drupal 6!

Notes from the 12/19/09 brainstorming/refactoring session. There was also a work session on 1/5/10 -- some notes are at the bottom of the Rad Ref PiratePad.

Site Design

There is also an online survey -- please fill it out so we can get everyone's thoughts and ideas!

Website To Do List

Something else for the to-do list regarding content: Re-organize the Radical Reference in the News page so that entries are in reverse chronological order rather than alphabetical by publication. (MRM, 1/6/10)

Maybe the navigation menu for non-logged-in users could be:

  • Create content

- Question

  • Local Collectives

- [the collectives]

  • Recent posts
  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Volunteer

- Volunteer guide (MRM, 11/3/09)


(2/9/06) After several responses on the list in favor of the multi-colored tabs, I left them the way they are. JRJ