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===Museums=== ===Museums===
- +*[http://www.textilemuseum.org/ Textile Museum] - 2320 S St NW, Free Admission
- +
- +
- +
- +
-<div style="display:none">+
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We're starting the travel page for ALA Annual 2007 in Washington DC. Below is a rough skeleton of a document. Feel free to add sections.


Travel/Getting around DC/Logistics

ALA Conference site


Google Maps

Public transportation

StationMasters Online - A guide to Metrorail station neighborhoods.

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority - Includes a Trip Planner. Type in your departure and arrival addresses and WMATA will tell you the best way to get there using buses or metro.

Free wireless hotspots


American Youth Hostel International - 1009 11th Street NW. $32/night ($3 discount if you are a member). Dormitory style hostel. Wheelchair-accessible. Breakfast included.

International Guest House - 1441 Kennedy St NW. $30/night. Mennonite-run. No private rooms/baths. Must be able to use stairs. Breakfast included.

William Penn House - 515 East Capitol St. SE. $40/night. Quaker-run. No private rooms/baths. Must be able to use stairs. Breakfast included.


Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants

Coffee (no Starbucks please!!)

  • Java House - 1645 Q Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
  • Mocha Hut - 1301 U St. NW
  • Murky Coffee - 660 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
  • Soho Tea & Coffee - 2150 P St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
  • Sparky's Cafe - 1720 14th Street, NW
  • Steam Cafe - 1700 R St. NW, Washington, DC 20009


Bookstores and Infoshops

Things to see and do